Health Passport South Africa provides technology, testing and vaccination support during the new norm

Test and Protect: Health Passport South Africa plans to collaborate with the intention of reopening opportunities in travel and tourism, business, events of all types, and job creation on a national level.

Health Passport South Africa combines secure mobile technology with official Covid-19 tests and vaccinations. The user-friendly mobile app enables the public to efficiently receive their test results, and automatically delivers the certified documents directly to their mobile phones. The overall platform works with tests and vaccinations that are administered by medical professionals.

Security and data privacy form the core of the technology. The Health Passport Worldwide app does not track your location, it does not use Bluetooth, nor GPS, and does not monitor people’s usage of the system. Data is not shared with any third parties and is fully compliant with data protection laws.

Health Passport mobile technology eliminates the potential for fraud and fake paper documents. By using the secure mobile system, it is possible for airports, airlines, venues, hotels, restaurants, and any other tourist establishments to scan a person’s QR code on the app to verify their health status at entry, making the entire process streamlined and digitally secure.

Health Passport South Africa recently launched its flagship Covid-19 testing centre at The Lookout Waterfront in Cape Town and provides PCR and rapid Antigen tests. The professional setup enables 275 people to be tested every hour. The testing capacity can be upscaled through multiple venues and a timed appointment booking system to cater for over 50,000 people per day, with PCR and rapid antigen test results being available on the person’s Health Passport Worldwide app to allow travel, tourism, events and hospitality industries to immediately reopen in a safe and secure manner.

Arthur Goldstuck founder of World Wide Worx says, “The technology is seamless, and more important, it’s straightforward, using functionality that is widely available, integrated in a way and for a purpose that has massive potential for positive impact.”

As international travel and tourism dropped by almost 90% in South Africa, the solution offers hope that a better year lies ahead. With major sporting events planned, such as The British & Irish Lions Rugby Tour and the Cape Town Cycle Tour, this technology and testing process offers a viable solution to enable these major initiatives to take place.

Says Robert Quirke, Founder of Health Passport Worldwide, “You can imagine that overnight a global tourism industry closed down, airports – like Cape Town International that sees 11 million passengers a year – shut down, and with a 90% drop in international traffic. This coupled with jobs losses that left families with no hope on the horizon for over a year, spurring the need to get life back on track again.”

Referencing sports, tourism and events, Quirke continues, “Similarly with the British & Irish Lions Rugby Tour scheduled this year, we now have the technology, processes and experience to safely host it in South Africa, including testing right near the Cape Town Stadium. We are working with high levels of authorities and government bodies to make it happen for the Country.”

Says Wayde Van Niekerk, South African athletic superstar and 400m world record holder, “Globally we need to get spectators back into stadiums. There is nothing like the feeling of having the crowd cheering you on, and I hope this will be possible for the Tokyo Games. Health Passport is key to getting fans back in the stands.”

The system was proven in South Africa in December 2020, when a live music event called Recharge 2020 was staged using Health Passport technology and following Covide-19 protocols. Prior to the event, attendees including staff, performers and guests were required to download the mobile app. On the day of the event, they were tested using the latest rapid Antigen tests that are validated for use in South Africa. Within 15 minutes of receiving a safe ‘green light’, they were scanned into the event. YouTube Link:

Justin Van Wyk, CEO of Big Concerts says, “This was an important moment for the events industry which has been devastated by the pandemic. The Health Passport Worldwide technology platform enabled this event to proceed with the highest levels of risk mitigation, demonstrating the way forward for live events globally.”

Health Passport Worldwide is rolling out Covid-19 testing centres throughout South Africa and will support the efficient deployment of vaccinations, keeping such digital records for anyone who wishes to make use of the service.