Saryx Engineering Group launches Training Management Platform

Saryx Engineering Group has developed a Training Management Platform (TMP) designed to enable a training facility, whether it is an internal training department or a large company supplying training to the public, to digitise management of their training services.

The digital transformation that has swept the world in the past few years has fundamentally altered most people’s approach to technology, with an increasing number seeking the ability to manage their own systems. As with something like Internet banking – where people are now empowered to manage their own accounts, credit limits and the like – so we are reaching a point where people prefer to be in control of their own needs and requirements.

Understanding this, Saryx Engineering Group developed a TMP designed to power its SkillUp Training Centre not only to help clients adopt its bespoke solution HSEC Online®, but also for individuals in their personal capacities to learn the necessary skills – business and soft – needed to add value to the companies in which they operate.

Ingrid Osborne, co-founder and CEO at Saryx says that the TMP was designed to integrate with HSEC Online® which is a cloud-based, automated system for controlling, understanding and ensuring the document management and compliance of all Health, Safety, Environment and Community issues.

“We identified the need for the TMP to enable users to book specific training around HSEC Online®, at a time and place that suited them. Now TMP is an incredibly effective training management and booking tool for any company wishing to automate and simplify their training process. Companies that subscribe to TMP on a monthly basis can start to customize, upload training content, and begin using the system to manage their training process from booking training to the issuing of training certificates. It’s perfect!” she says.

TMP enables training facilities to manage events, calendars, clients, trainees, trainee history and certifications. It has an interactive calendar and an action dashboard that identifies events that require attention, and it ensures that critical steps are not missed. The integrated calendar automatically emails calendar invites to the attendees. The pain of generating certificates of attendance or competency is removed by the generation of certificates function which uses both a unique digital signature and a QR code that can be scanned to verify the trainees. Levels of approval based on user roles can be set up to ensure that certificates cannot be printed if the trainee’s payment confirmation has not been captured and so that certificates cannot be fraudulently printed.

Says Osborne, “TMP also has functionality to add Computer Based Training which enables you to manage your online training content, slides, and videos. You can add an assessment for each module and allocate pass rates. Scheduled trainees can login from anywhere and complete the online training and assessments assigned to them.”

Osborne notes that with the TMP, it is a simple matter to choose the course, the time, and the training approach. Options include virtual, classroom-based, or hybrid training, webinars, and pre-recorded seminars.