Titan Global Wheel Launches New Innovative Product Range At Nampo

Recognised as the SA suppliers of the Goodyear Agricultural brand of tyres and rims, Titan Global Wheel now also offers a range of Goodyear Lubricants, offering clients a genuine one-stop-shop.

For the modern farmer, machinery is critical in delivering the agricultural output needed to be successful at scale. This is why Titan Global Wheel – providers of the Goodyear Agricultural brand of tyres and rims – has announced a range of Goodyear Lubricants, to further improve the operation and lifespan of this machinery. 

According to company MD, Theo von Bardeleben, the organisation has adopted a constant focus on innovation and on improving technologies that have been around for decades. Titan Global Wheel also works closely with almost all the major manufacturers, each of which places a strong focus on research and development.

“We are proud to announce we have a new product line of lubricants designed specifically for the agricultural industry, such as for high use diesel tractors. These are all produced by Goodyear and will be available to the market from our warehouse in Johannesburg,” he explains.

“This demonstrates our commitment to our customers, as it follows on from our reintroduction of the Goodyear Agricultural brand into South Africa last year. In this period, we have already had great uptake of our range of Low Side Wall (LSW) tyres from the same manufacturer.”

He points out that LSWs are wider than most tyres, and have an increased rim diameter, lowering the tyre profile and reducing soil compaction, as it is designed to deliver low ground pressure. In this way, tractors and combine harvesters are able to avoid creating deep channels or furrows in the soil.

“In addition, LSW tyres create improved traction, leading to longer tyre life and reduced fuel costs. With a single, wider tyre fitted where there are usually two, there are additional benefits like quicker time to repair, and a more rapid harvest period, thanks to the reduction in slippage these tyres offer to combine harvesters and high horsepower tractors.”

“Thanks to our existing ability to deliver both the correct tyre and rim to a customer, added to our new range of Goodyear Lubricants, Titan Global Wheel is now in the unique position of being able to offer customers a one-stop-shop for all their requirements in this space.”

He indicates that interest and uptake has been phenomenal, adding that interest remains high, as customers recognise – and have great expectations of – the strong product range the company offers.

“While our new range of lubricants, along with the LSW tyres and rims, are available now, we anticipate making a big splash at the country’s premier agricultural fair, the Nampo Festival in Bothaville, Free State, from 16-19 May this year. Visitors will have the opportunity to view our exciting end-to-end wheel solutions and discuss with us how we can help them to boost their agricultural success,” concludes von Bardeleben.

For more information about Titan Global Wheel’s products, please call Louis Enslin on +27 0 66 219 8286.